We are online – Institute of Young Dramatic Voices

If you’d have told me a year ago that in 2020 we’d be months into a global pandemic and I’d be video calling Dolora Zajick I’m not sure which one I would have believed less. But here we are! Thanks to the incredible planning and scheduling of IYDV their month long programme is being held completely online. Students and professionals working together across the entirety of the globe’s time zones. It is nothing short of a dream to work on Verdi roles with Ms Zajick, and the fact that it’s over Zoom has done nothing to curb the nervous tummy all singers will know about! Having this programme to prepare for has kept me practising and inspired for months, and although it’s not quite the West Coast adventure I’d planned, it’s been one of the most incredible vocal experiences. Studying in the UK with a ‘dramatic’ voice has sometimes felt isolating and confusing, especially as an undergrad with some pretty hefty ‘gear’ and practically no ‘idea’ about how to use it. Learning with dramatic voice specialists has been both nourishing and motivating, and I just hope we can meet on the West Coast in the years to come!

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