Latest Reviews

‘Georgia Mae Bishop proved an astute comedian as a spirited Filipyvena, and her strong mezzo projected the English translation with clarity’ (Peter Reed, Opera Magazine, December 2018)

‘Georgia Mae Bishop as Le Prieure delivers a stunning death scene as her impassioned mezzo-soprano generates a real feeling that she is searching her soul to its very depths. When we are used to the part being played by the likes of Deborah Polaski, we realise just how great an achievement it is for one so young to remain this powerful and convincing over such a sustained period.’ (MusicOMH) March 2018

‘…an especially strong impression was left by Georgia Mae Bishop’s sonorous Zita.’ (Opera Magazine) July 2018

‘The sick Prioress… is played with considerable force by Georgia Mae Bishop, and in the context of the work she makes the old nun’s doubts vividly disturbing’ (Classical Source) March 2018

‘Georgia Mae Bishop… a performer with a strong vocal personality and stage presence’ (Opera Magazine) March 2018

Georgia Mae Bishop rose admirably to the challenge bringing a vibrant dramatic intensity to the death scene along with an immense physicality (Planet Hugill) March 2018

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